Abstract Thinking ► 14 ► [14.02] Bhavana Of Friendship - Discover Truth for Yourself: Be Friendly Towards All

Posted: 29.01.2007

The Real Meaning of Khamatkhamana (Forget and Forgive)

Khamatkhamna (Forget and forgive) forms an important principle of adoration. It means that if any thought of intolerance arises in your mind against any person, if any sinful thought occurs, whether the other person knows it or not, you must, in your own mind, ask pardon for it. Persevere in your goodwill towards all. Never look upon another person as any enemy. That is how a truly great person behaves. He grows so large-heated as never to have any individual as his enemy at all. Witness Lord Mahavir. Witness other great Sadhaks. They grew great through their own sadhana.

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