Anekanta: The Third Eye ► 01 ► [01.15] Co-Existence - Symbiotic Support

Posted: 22.01.2007

If we all understand this co-existence then there would be no need for conflict. There is an important dictum in the Tatvartha sutra: Parasparoupagraho jeevanam... life means supporting each other...this is nature's law, the unchangeable rule of creation. There is no conflict in the fact that one gets the support of another. Conflict grew because the concept of co-existence was forgotten. Opposing pairs can live together... when this rule does not meet the eye, conflicts grow. Man is able to look at things with only one perspective.

Sociologists have said that struggle is necessary for life because they did not understand the concept of the co-existence of opposing pairs or the principle of the other side. Those who understood the idea of co-existence of opposing pairs benefited from the heartiness of the vision of anekanta and announced the finding of eternal value: that each living being is a support to the other. One object becomes a support to another. Conflict is not the rule of nature; it has been planted there.

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