Abstract Thinking ► 13 ► [13.02] Bhavana Of The Rarity Of Enlightenment - Accomplishment of Enlightenment

Posted: 03.01.2007

The acquisition of a holistic or right point-of-view is the first step towards the accomplishment of enlightenment. He who finds wholeness of vision, progresses through sadhana till he achieves enlightenment.

A person possessed of right vision has five characteristics:

  1. Belief - in the reality of the self, the law of karman, and the like
  2. Tranquillity - quiescence of passions such as anger, etc
  3. Keen desire for salvation
  4. Detachment - dispassionateness, renunciation.

    It is of three kinds:

    detachment from worldly affairs,
    detachment from the body,
    detachment from pleasure.
  5. Compassion - Kindliness, friendship towards all, fellow feeling.

Non-violence is synonymous with pity, compassion. A beautiful analysis of it is to be found in Panchadhyayi, where it is said - "That kindliness which is extended to all living beings, should be called compassion. The feeling of friendliness, beings established in the middle path, non-use of injury-causing instruments and the abandonment of enmity - all these fall under compassion." Here the pure character of mercy is brought out as a matter of fact that mercifulness which shuns all oppression, is real compassion.

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