Anekanta: The Third Eye ► 01 ► [01.10] Co-Existence - The Search For Co-Existence

Posted: 03.01.2007

This whole world works like that. Every person wishes that the other person speak the way he speaks. That other people walk as he does. That they wear clothes the same way as he does. That everybody behaves and lives as he does. This is a universal desire.

But it does not happen that way. There are contradictory tastes. Contradictory natures and thoughts. Contradictory temperament and contradictory habits.

Clashes, conflicts and fights are a result of all this. Initially they are born in the form of seeds. Over time as they grow they become major wars. The fight of one or two men leads to world wars. Major wars are never fought for anything big. Their root is very small, insignificant. One will never find any major reason for great wars. They have all been fought for very small reasons. For a small piece of land, great wars have been fought. To rescue the wife, great wars have been fought. A small insult has resulted in a great war.

Is this world only for wars? Will man forever be fighting? Will he keep superimposing his beliefs and likes on others? Is there any third path other than these two? Is there any such path on which we can follow a conflict-free life in spite of living in a world of conflicts? In spite of living between many differences, can we live a life of unity?

To contain this constantly recurring question anekanta has found a path. The path is that of co-existence.

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