Abstract Thinking ► 12 ► [12.01] Bhavana Of The Institution Of The Universe

Posted: 28.12.2006

The contemplation of the universe, created in man's image, is the bhavana of the institution of the world. In this universe abide both conscious beings and those without consciousness. Men, beasts, things immovable, the sun, the moon, hellish beings, gods and free souls (the world of liberated beings) - all these are included in the universe. The sadhaks should hold in view the variety of the universe and contemplating upon the causes thereof, should meditate on his inner consciousness (soul).

He should say to himself: 'This is the result of the vibrations of attachment and aversion." The bhavana of the institution of the world means - to maintain one's equanimity while rightly viewing the great variety and wonder of the universe around oneself.

This world is like a colourful stage. It has innumerable scenes and innumerable transformations. Through the realisation of the unity underlying this great diversity, it is possible to conquer hatred, pride and inferiority complex. For the achieve­ment of equanimity, the practice of this bhavana is very important.

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