Abstract Thinking ► 11 ► [11.04] Bhavana Of Righteousness - Consciousness of Religion

Posted: 26.12.2006

The Fountain of The Power of Renunciation:

The greatest power of religion is the power to renounce. There is no substance in the world, which would produce such a power. The very consciousness of religion produces in the individual the power to renounce. All other disciplines of the world are concerned with pleasure: they teach a man to accumulate goods and to indulge in sensual objects. Only the consciousness of religion teaches a man to renounce.

It says: "Give up. Renounce. Do not hanker after what is not!" But today the very basis of religion is being severely attacked. With the loss of the consciousness of character, a person is inclined to the view that a man of character suffers in this world whereas an immoral person flourishes.

When this idea gets firmly established, then the character of that person, of society, or that of the country as a whole can never become radiant; They will never touch the summit of progress.

The one and only objective of religion is - dissociation of karma. Its sole aim is - to dissolve the old mental culture. The achievement of awareness is possible only through the practice of religion. Whatever helps us achieve self-realisation, whatever does away with the past conditioning, whatever ends fear and helps us rise above greed, is religion; it is spirituality.

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