2nd Young Jains Of India Convention Concludes With Revolutionary Resolutions

Published: 16.12.2006
Updated: 30.07.2015
New Delhi, Nov 5, 2006, Adhyatma Sadhana Kendra

The 2nd Young Jains of India (YJI) Convention concluded on a high note with two key revolutionary resolutions that are expected to transform the Jain community in the coming future. The key resolutions passed as a part of the convention are - “To exhibit humanity and compassion in all fronts by denying dowry system and practicing ahimsa by not promoting abortion”. The resolutions read out by the National Chairman of YJI Manish Kasliwal emphasised that persons practicing dowry and encouraging abortion will be denied from being members of YJI. Youths and dignitaries present at the convention accepted this resolution unanimously and there by setting the ball roll for a new era in the Jain community.

Colourful Inaugural Function - The convention was inaugurated on 3rd November, 2006 at a colourful and attractive inaugural function at Siri Fort Auditorium. The inaugural function was attended by Justice Vijendra Jain (Acting Chief Justice Delhi High Court), Abhishek Singhvi (Congress Spokesperson), Indu Jain (Chairman, Times Group), N.P.Jain (Ex Indian Ambassador), D.R. Mehta (Ex Chairman SEBI and Ex Deputy Governor RBI), Kirit Daftary (President JAINA), Prem Jain (Ex VP Cisco System), R.K.Jain (President, Bharat Jain Mahamandal), Parveen Jain (VP MCafe) and Manish Kasliwal (Chairman YJI). The function went on to a flying start by a motivating speech by NP Jain. Mr N P Jain recited his soul-stirring poem focusing on the behaviour of human attributing all his failures to the will of God. Justice Vijendra Jain emphasized assertively that all revolutionizing concepts and the everlasting rules that govern the world are in fact Jain principles. Smt Indu Jain quoted that youth have the maximum energy to lead the world in the right prospects.

Abhishek Sindhvi in his address stressed on the rise of India as an economic superpower due to the contribution and talents made by the Indian youth with the right technological approach. Pravin Jain also a member of YJI board of trustees opined that united positive efforts by the Indian youth could change the world’s scenario in the right perspective. Manish Kasliwal, the chairperson of the organization emphasized on the more than urgent need for the youth to come together to go beyond the rituals and unite under the common thread of the Jain philosophy. He stressed that the focus of the organization will be to bring in a positive change within the community and encouraging the youngster to be a contributing factors to the social causes affecting the society. The function witnessed the launch of the movie ‘Samyaktva’ based on the principles of Ahimsa Aparigraha and Anekantwad by Dr Abhishek Sanghvi. The inaugural function was followed by colourful cultural presentations. The highlight of the presentation was the dance performance by Deaf and Dumb children from Indore, Their synchronized performance to the musical tunes by the children who understood only sign language was mesmerizing and unbelievable.

Interesting Discussions: The Following two days of the convention witnessed many interesting sessions resulting in many fruitful and interactive discussions. The speakers were successful in making the youths to be very interactive during the sessions. The plenary sessions on Ahimsa, Aparigraha and Anekantavad led to many interesting discussions and questions on practicing these principles in daily life in our family and professions. The plenary sessions on Aparigraha deserves a special mention. This session led to a long drawn discussion on its practice with Ruby Bhatia (a popular television anchor and a stern follower of ahimsa and vegetarianism). The 2nd Day evening witnessed many humorous and breath taking cultural presentations by the YJI team members from across India. The participants whole heartedly appreciated the efforts put forth by YJI-North team in organising this convention successfully. The convention concluded with a decision to meet in South India at its 3rd All India Convention in 2007.

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