Abstract Thinking ► 10 ► [10.02] Bhavana Of Dissociation - Samadhi Is The Process of Purification

Posted: 16.12.2006

Samadhi is the process of purification. When this process is on, sounds awaken and sentiments arise - such sounds and sentiments, which one cannot even imagine. A man who appears to be so noble and good, all of a sudden turns violent and dishonest, the thought of evil arises in him, of violence, of suicide, of committing a theft. Not in the householders alone, but even among the monks and ascetics, such a change comes about when one enters the depths of meditation, old impressions arise, with the result that all the instincts are awakened. One's mind is filled with remorse. One says to oneself: "Oh! What is all this? Never in my life did I ever nurture such base instincts: What for are they arising in my mind now?"

Such instincts arise because their fundamental roots lie buried in the depths of consciousness. When these are teased out by meditation, contrary sentiments arise which quite transform the individual. The problem is not resolved merely by closing the eyes or by practising seclusion or the bhavana of like or dislike. The problem is resolved only when one learns to empty the mind of its accumulation of sounds, forms, taste, smell and touch. When one has learnt the technique of emptying the mind, the inner accumulation is gradually liquidated. That is the process of dissociation.

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