Anekanta: The Third Eye ► 01 ► [01.05] Co-Existence - The Language Of Science

Posted: 24.12.2006

In science these two centers are referred to as glands. One is the pineal gland / pituitary gland and the other the gonads. The pineal and the pituitary are centers that promote wisdom. Gonads promote passions. Our consciousness depends on the functioning of the pineal and the pituitary. When the secretions of the pineal and pituitary reach the gonads then passions are inflamed. But when these secretions change, then the action of the hypothalamus changes and there begins the growth of wisdom.

Both the opposing themes are built into our physical system. Both the glands perform their respective functions. The action of both the glands are in opposition and capable of reversing that of the other. Opposing forces are acting in the creation of the body, in the creation of nature, in the creation of the atom or in that of electricity. They function simultaneously. In the world of electricity, both the negative and the positive work together. If there were only the positive and no negative, then no electricity would be produced. It is compulsory for both the positive and the negative to exist for electricity to be produced. The positive and the negative are two types of energies.

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