Abstract Thinking ► 09 ► [09.06] Bhavana Of Restraint - The Consummation Of Self-control: Stoppage Of Influx

Posted: 08.11.2006

With the establishment of self-control, restraint is achieved. Self-control is our sadhana; restraint is the fruit thereof. The non-entry into the soul of any heterogeneous element from outside is restraint.

With the practice of self-control, the influx of foreign matter stops of itself. With the perfection of restraint, the consciousness of penance begins. A new movement starts. Hitherto, regular supplies from outside provided a good deal of energy. With the stoppage of outer provisions, a great commotion is caused inside. The process of penance is a spiritual practice whose consummation is the dissociation of karman.

The dissociation of karman is no sadhana; restraint in itself is no sadhana. Both these are accomplishments. The consummation of self-control is restraint; and that of penance is the dissociation of karman.

When the outer influx ceases, and that which is within, begins to move outwards - it is difficult to contain it - the condition of motivelessness is achieved. After the achievement of motivelessness, one attains perfection. Then the spectator stance, the state of being the knower-and-seer only, is stabilized. The pilgrimage started for the achievement of the spectator stance is culminated. This is the end of our pursuit. Herein, our true nature stands manifested. Our true nature is - perfect, enlightened and free.

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