Abstract Thinking ► 09 ► [09.04] Bhavana Of Restraint - Solution To The Problem: Samadhi

Posted: 04.11.2006

Those who live within the periphery of the senses and the mind, encounter thousands of problems. These problems no government can solve. A government is capable of solving the problem of food, shelter and clothing, but it cannot resolve the problems created by the senses and the mind. Nobody can. Only a man's own intense meditation can resolve these. There is' no other way. That is why we are discussing samadhi today The problem which cannot be resolved at the social or governmental level can be resolved on the individual level through samadhi.

The problem means - the influxes, and samadhi means - restraint. The problem means - infatuation, and samadhi means - the experiencing of consciousness. One thing is certain. Had there been no infatuation, a man could not live in this world. Every individual is caught in illusion; that is how he is able to live at all. Our body is provided with all kinds of defense mechanisms. As long as the body can endure suffering, it keeps awake, but when suffering increases and it can endure it no longer, it falls unconscious. In the case of some terrible diseases extreme dejection and suffering, a man immediately goes into unconsciousness. This is nature's own provision that since a man cannot endure too much suffering while keeping awake, let him fall unconscious. Either extreme pain itself pushes a man into unconsciousness or the doctor makes him unconscious through external devices.

Unconsciousness is non-meditation - this is our problem. The experiencing of awareness is samadhi.

Sleeping is a problem; keeping awake is samadhi. That we go to sleep is our biggest problem. Our waking up is samadhi. The experiencing of consciousness is samadhi; to be awakened is samadhi, practicing restraint is samadhi.

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