Abstract Thinking ► 08 ► [08.03] Bhavana Of Influxes - Perversity

Posted: 19.10.2006

When knowledge is covered, a man cannot know. Not to know is ignorance. In a state of infatuation, a man, even though knowing, does not rightly know; all his knowledge is turned away. That is perversity. In this state, the senses are held fast by their objects. Anger, pride, deceit and greed are at their strongest, mental complexes are formed, which remain unresolved all through one's life. Cruelty marks one's conduct. A perverse man mistakes the undesirable for the desirable, and considers transitory objects to be eternal. Falsehood persists in him. He looks upon matter as the most important. He is greatly infatuated by money. In honesty or morality, he has no faith.

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