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Posted: 17.10.2006

There are innumerable souls. Every soul has an independent existence. It has no creator or conductors. It is the uncreated, moved by its own volition.
There are two kinds of modes - intrinsic and extrinsic. What occurs independently of anything is called an intrinsic mode. Through it the independent entity of the soul is maintained. What depends for its occurrence on conditions, which are external, is called an extrinsic mode. In this mode the soul undergoes many transformations.

Factors are of two kinds: internal and external.
Attachment and aversion - these two are internal factors.
The soul has many indivisible parts. They all partake of the nature of consciousness. On account of being pervaded by consciousness, they are radiant and pure. Attachment and aversion are mixed with every part of the soul. Because of this admixture, the naturally pure and radiant consciousness is darkened and sullied. The starting point of this combination (consciousness and attachment-aversion) is not known. Therefore, it is considered as having no beginning, and through eternal.

The line of transformation of a living being with a body is conjoined with attachment and aversion. And such an attachment-and-aversion-oriented current continues to attract ever-new karmic material particles. The soul's transitional flow becomes a factor in attracting the karmic particles. That is why it is called an influx.

The process of attracting the karmic particles is also called an influx. The attraction of material particles is effected by physical disposition and conduct. Bodily influx comes into being as a factor in the attraction of external particles. All karmic material particles are attracted through physical combination. Just as water collects in a pond through a drain, similarly, the karmic particles enter the body to establish contact with the ingredients of the soul.
Just as dust- particles carried by the wind stick to wet cloth, similarly the soul moistened by attachment and aversion attracts to self the karmic particles carried by the body.
Just as a red-hot lump of iron assimilates the particles of water, similarly the soul, simmering with passions, assimilates the karmic particles.

There are five kinds of influxes:

  1. perversity
  2. non-abstinence
  3. remissness
  4. passions
  5. activity
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