Abstract Thinking ► 04 ► [04.03] Bhavana Of Transmigration - The Consummation Of The Anupreksha Of The World

Posted: 17.09.2006

After delusion is totally destroyed, attachment and aversion are eradicated, all craving is dissolved. With the dissolution of craving, suffering comes to an end. It is greed that gives birth to craving. Greed is the cause of all sins and the destroyer of virtue.

Non-greed means destitution. He who does not possess anything is destitute. The bliss arising out of the state of destitution is indescribable and serf-attainable. A yogi has said:

Experience for yourself the state of destitution. In that state you will become the master of the three worlds. This is a divine secret available to a yogi.

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