Abstract Thinking ► 01 ► [01.09] Anupreksha And Bhavana - Scientific Nature of Bhavana

Posted: 18.08.2006

The practice of bhavana is very subtle. Until bhavana is practised, until the mind is wholly permeated by the Supreme Being, our powers will remain undeveloped. The words, "Bhaviappa", "Bhavitatma", found in the Jain agamas, are highly significant - behind them lies mysterious bhavana. He, who is wholly permeated by the spirit, becomes capable of acting in accordance with his bhavana. Bhavana means that we hold the very fibres of knowledge in our being and all the related cells under our control and make them bear the imprint of our bhavana.

There are billions and trillions of neurons in our body, billions and trillions of living cells. These neurons regulate our manifold activities. They control our actions. The resolve, which reaches the neurons, is fulfilled. The neurons accomplish a great many works. Their system of functioning is too complicated to be intelligible to us. Billions and trillions of neurons constitute our brain. They have a great utility in awakening the powers of the mind.

The naturopaths say that if you are suffering from constipation, you should first sit engrossed in meditation and then intimate to the sensory nerves in your body that the evacuation is perfect, that the bowels are getting cleaned, The sensory nerves will start acting accordingly. In the sphere of mental development, self-intimations have a very great importance. The phenomenon of hypnotism is also very astonishing. In its background too lies the marvel of the sensory nerves. These nerves possess extraordinary capacities, which we cannot even imagine. The practice of hypnotism is carried out on the basis of suggestion. The limbs of the body start acting in accordance with the suggestions given. Since the nervous system is ready to act on the basis of suggestions received by it, why should we not exploit this fact for our benefit? Let us ourselves provide suggestions. Let us give these suggestions in order to change the old and to let the new come to pass. Let us establish intimacy with the nervous system. Whatever you want to become, the state you wish to be in, will materialize of itself. The progress towards a consummation will begin. The powers of the mind will start developing.

Here is a technique for awakening the powers of the mind. Let us understand it thoroughly.

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