Be Your Own Therapist: 'Preksha Yoga Therapy' Tour Report: London (1)

Posted: 22.06.2006
Updated on: 19.11.2014

A series of Workshops by
Swami Dharmandji & Nirmalaji
[Adhyatma Sadhana Kendra, Delhi]
Be Your Own Therapist “Preksha Yoga Therapy”
(learn how to cure, control and even reverse some ailments)


12. - 15.06.2006

Swami Dharmananda in London with Devendra Shah, London, who took the photos

We reached London in the afternoon of 10th June 2006. It took about two hours from the airport to Sayer Centre. Manik Choraria, son of Sayer Choraria, after whom the centre is named, received us and took us for dinner to his home. Then we took rest as we were feeling tired due to time lag. On 11 th June, we saw JVB London's new location and were pleased that such a big and nice centre has come up in London. The power behind is the tireless effort of the Samanijis, who had reached this wonderful result after having worked hard for it. People of different walks of life started to visit us.


We practised Kayotsarga with the Samanijis early in the morning, at 5:00 am. From 10:00 am on, people started coming for personal consultations. The first person came with problems of backache. I checked his back, gave pressure on the legs, and taught him Yogic and stretching exercises. Another person suffered from headache. I found out that it resulted from tensions. I advised him to think positively and to do meditation. After the pressure points were given, he felt great relief.

In the afternoon at 1:00 pm, we started with the first presentation on Diabetes. It was the first one in the series of " Be your own Therapist“. About 35 participants had come. They were informed on the cause of the disease, why it occurs, its symptoms, and its treatment according to Preksha Therapy. Nirmalaji instructed them on Yoga-Asanas and Pranayama, and I guided them through the practice of Perception of Deep Breathing & Deep Relaxation.

Participants being instructed on Asanas and Pranayama

The session ended with great satisfaction, as the participants expressed their feelings of well-being.

In the evening, we went to some families and guided them how to solve their health problems. Later in the evening, a Muslim lady consulted us and was very happy to receive our advice. She said that she is very happy that we are non-sectarian and useful to all people.


Again, we started the day with the practice of Kayotsarga with the Samanijis. In the morning session of personal consultations, we checked three persons. One of them suffered from high blood pressure, another from obesity, and the third from insomnia. We gave consultation and guided them to do regular practice of Preksha Mediation (P.M.).

The second presentation in the afternoon was on obesity. I explained the reasons and symptoms of it, and recommended as treatment to adopt the Preksha Yoga lifestyle. Nirmalaji guided them again in Asanas & Pranayama; I guided them for diet control and tension free lifestyle by following the technique of P.M. and the practice of Kayotsarga. There were 15 participants, some of them were obese, and they said that they had received new insights for the reversal of their problem.

People from all walks of life relaxing in Kayotsarga


Early in the morning, we started the practice of Deep Kayotsarga with the Samanijis, to experience the separation of the self and the body. Then we gave personal consultation to 4 persons with problems of back pain, Asthma, Body Ache, and stiff neck. All of them felt good after the treatment we had given to them.

In the afternoon, at 1:00 pm, the third workshop was started with Mangal Bhavana in presence of the Samanijis. The topic of presentation was High Blood Pressure. About 50 persons were ready to follow the power point presentation. The participants were pleased to receive in-depth information on the subject.

Samani Punya Pragyaji (r) present at the Power Point presentation on high blood pressure

Many of them were affected by High B.P, which was proved by the question and answer session. The technique of Asanas and Pranayama was well taught by Nirmalaji. I taught them Deep Relaxation to get free from the ailment; contemplative meditation (Anupreksha) also was taught to them. Most of them were happy and held the opinion that such type of sessions should be held frequently to educate people.

The participants enjoyed feelings of well being during the workshops


We had Deep Kayotsarga practice with the Samanijis. Then I gave guidance to those who had asked during the consultations for instructions how to practice more deeply.

Swami Dharmananda giving instructions for practice in-depth

In the afternoon at 1:00 pm, the presentation was on Stress Management and a workshop was held for about 50 participants. I pointed out that stress is the root cause of many modern age diseases like heart problems, diabetes, asthma and other psychosomatic problems. Physical, mental and emotional tensions result in related diseases caused by stress. The effects on different parts of the body and their treatment under the Preksha Path were discussed. Nirmalaji gave the Asanas and Pranayama to reverse ailments related to stress. I guided the Deep Kayotsarga practice, which was responded very well. Stress also results from negative attitudes that are being reversed by contemplative practices. This workshop was also well received by the participants.

People happily learning how to relax in Kayotsarg.

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