Jain Leadership Conference In The US

Posted: 05.05.2006
Updated on: 02.12.2010

On 23rd to 25th March 2006 a Jain leadership conference took place at Kellogg's School of Management. Nearly 50 participants, among them Pravin K. Shah from JAINA Education section, had joined for the subject 'Live & Promote Jain Way of Life in the US'. In an open forum, the participants dealt with 'Maintain and update traditional Jain practices and adopt new relevant practices for life in North America'.

The need for Jain education to obtain a growing number of practitioners of the Jain way of Life was underlined. According to the Jain leaders, creating awareness and impacting trends to strengthen the Jain way of life in North America is necessary for realisation as well. The building of strong strategic partnership with interfaith groups was considered an apt means to create wide positive awareness and respect for the Jain way of life.

To strengthen the organisation, creation of a self-sufficient professionally run Jain organisation with strong links to the members of all centers was also subject of discussion.

Jain Leadership Conference Organising Team (l to r, seating): Sunit Jain, Sushil Jain, Dipak Jain, Dean Kellogg MBA programs North Western University, Kirit Daftary, president JAINA, Chanchala Mehta, Prem Jain; /l to r, standing): Yogendra Jain, Kirit Shah, Chintan Shah, Manish Mehta.

JAINA committee conference participants (l to r, seating): Bipin Shah, vp JAINA, Deepika Dalal, vp JAINA, Dipak Jain, Kirit Daftary, Ila Mehta, vp JAINA, Pravin Mehta, vp JAINA, (standing l to r): Anoop Vora, former president JAINA, Prem Jain, Dilip Shah, 1st vp JAINA, Chintan Shah, president Young Jains America.

Conference participants, Illinois Jains (l to r): Dr. Manda Pokharna, Sunil Jain, Bipin Parikh, Jyotindra Doshi, international spiritual speaker and interfaith chair, Dipak Jain, Mukesh Doshi, education secretary JSMC, Kirti Shah, Dr. Hema Pokharna.

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