Samanis Mangal Prajnaji & Prassana Prajnaji - 8 Days in Dubai, UAE - 6th Day

Published: 20.09.2005
Updated: 02.07.2015

Dubai, 25th August 2005

On day 6 of Samani Mangal Prajnaji & Samani Prassana Prajnaji Dubai visit - at 06:00 am Samani Mangal Prajnaji briefly talked about benefits of Preksha Meditation and Pranayam to appx. 125 members of Deira Park Yoga Group and then guided them thru a short practice of Pranayam and Preksha Meditation. This being Samaniji's last session with Deira Park Yoga Group, farewells were exchanged, some group photographs were taken and Mr Madhavan, Head of Deira Park Yoga Group expressed appreciation to the Samaniji for guiding the group members - even at such early hours of the day.

During daytime, Samaniji talked to interested individuals; answered various questions of devotees; went for alms and blessed some devotees' homes. Special mention is required to made about Samani Mangal Prajnaji's interview / discussions with a young British lady who has been talking to Samaniji on one to one basis for appx. 2 hours each day for last three days learning various aspects of Jainism. Today being her last session with Samaniji, she expressed her gratitude to Samani Mangalprajnaji for her time and patience. The lady expressed her desire to visit New Delhi in November to join International Preksha Meditation Camp.

Evening programme started at 2000 hrs at Sindhi Ceremonial Centre on " HOW TO EXPERIENCE INTERNAL PEACE ". R K Bengani introduced Samaniji to the gathering of appx 125 plus persons and informed the background / history of Samanshreni established by Acharyashri Tulsi. Addressing the congregation, Samani Prassana Prajnaji said that amongst other things - Positive Thinking and Positive Attitude helps a lot towards experiencing internal peace.

Samani Mangalprajnaji began by saying that all creatures - big and small - desire PEACE. She said, wrong perceptions, ego, undue expectations, wavering of mind, growing list of wants and desires etc. are some key reasons which lead to lack of peace. She said knowing / identifying these reasons was just one aspect but more important thing would be to take corrective measures and this could be possible thru regular practice of Preksha Meditation and contemplation. To this end, Samani Mangalprajnaji guided the congregation thru a short course of Preksha Meditation. Samaniji then talked about ways to celebrate the forthcoming Paryushan and importance of forgiveness in one's life towards achieving INTERNAL PEACE.

The programme - which lasted for more than 2 hours, was really well received by one and all.

Our correspondent R.K.Bengani, Dubai, UAE
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