Posted: 23.05.2005
Updated on: 22.12.2011


Kaam, Kama

Sanskrit: kam

deep desire, lust, uncontrolled longing, concupiscence, sensuality or lasciviousness

  • . It is a kaam chakra - sex ganglion. When it is not developed, a man indulges in sex. When we unite it with vishuddha chakra , the source of our feeling of happiness undergoes a change. It also changes if we develop aagyaa chakra or bhoo chakra . According to psychology sex is sublimated. According to science of yoga the kaam chakra undergoes ascension (vertical movement). Because of this ascension our mind establishes contact with natural bliss. No one can become a celibate after closing the doors of joy. Only by opening the doors of joy can one become a celibate.



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