Posted: 18.05.2005
Updated on: 12.06.2012

The custom, how Jain Munis or Sadhvis get their food from the householders is called Gochari.

The Jain Munis and Sadhvis neither prepare food themselves, nor do they get it prepared by others. They just go from house to house and receive portions from the householder's meals, prepared for the householder's family.

Just as cows are moving from place to place, taking a little bit of grass at one place and a little at another, the Jain Munis and Sadhvis do not take all the food from one house. They collect it from various houses, because this way householders would not have to cook again for their needs. Cooking involves violence and Munis and Sadhvis do not want to be part of any violence due to their needs.

They receive the food directly at the place where it is kept and cooked. When they are sure that the situation in the kitchen is acceptable and in harmony with their ethical code, including strict veganism, they accept the food.

Lay people feel blessed and honoured when the saints accept the food, mostly when it has been given by their own hand.


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