Posted: 26.03.2005
Updated on: 22.12.2011


Kevalin, Kevalis, Omniscient, Omniscients, केवलि


One (Tirthankar) who achieved:

  • Infinite knowledge.
  • Knowledge isolated from karmic obstruction.
  • Omniscience.
  • Knowledge involving awareness of every existent in all its qualities and modes.

Similarly to the laws of nature in the physical world there are internal laws which govern the lives of living organisms. The Jain Kevali explored these laws and have given explicit descriptions of the mechanism which inherently operates in every living being. The entire process takes place at such a subtle level that it is neither visible to the eyes nor perceivable by the normal intelligence of a person. Only a Kevali knows and understands the true process that is continuously and uninterruptedly going on in every living being.


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