Ahimsa Yatra : The Purpose of Ahimsa Yatra

Posted: 17.01.2003
Updated on: 02.07.2011

Man eats food and alongside drinks milk also. According to many thinkers, milk is a complete food by itself. But few are those who are completely acquainted with the many qualities of milk. Milk is by nature sweet. Put milk through heat and even churn it, it still gives amity (butter). Is there any person, who after being put through so much of heat, being set, being churned still extends the hand of amity? The poet was right when he said who is the other person who can be placed on the other side of the balance when being weighed with milk? Such tolerance is very difficult. Today due to lack of tolerance, many problems are finding the opportunity to grow. The first condition for the growth of ahimsa is tolerance. The one who does not develop his level of tolerance is committing violence by that very act. Therefore may everybody practice the auto-suggestion of tolerance so that they improve their power of tolerance.

Tolerance comes with purity in emotions. Once this is understood and its practice begun, then the journey towards ahimsa has commenced. Our emotions are our greatest weapons. Forget the arguments about disarmament. If a man's emotions are not pure then he is making even his house a battlefield. Sometimes people even go to the extent of committing suicide. So many people may not die of accidents as many die due to suicide.

People of today know the value of products available in the market, but more important than that is to know the value of their own life, of human lives. Our life is not meant for such collecting or accumulating goods, but to do something truly significant. Man has unlimited mental strengths, prowess. The one who makes use of this power will definitely do something significant. Mental prowess is the power of wisdom. When wisdom is awakened man understands the difference between his duty and other activities. He is then alert towards other people's duties also. This makes him progress towards ahimsa. The wisdom of speech is another important indicator of ahimsa. With growth in ahimsa, one can hope for peaceful co-existence.



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