Peace Through Dialog 2007 - Message from the Convener and Co-Convener

Posted: 02.10.2007
Updated on: 23.03.2017

Message from the Convener and Co-Convener



Jai Jinendra!

On behalf of the Convention board it gives us a great pleasure to welcome you all to the 14th Biennial JAINA Convention in Edison, NJ - the "Little India" City of North America. We hope that you will enjoy rich mix of scholarly discourses, youth events and enlightening entertainment we have planned for you. Our theme this year is "Peace through Dialogue" which is based on the Jain principle of Anekantwad.

This is the first JAINA Convention planned for four full days and being organized by JAINA with help of so many Jain centers from Toronto to Washington DC. This new format has presented a unique opportunity for so many centers to work together. In having so many centers participating on the convention project, we were able to tap into vast pool of talents from all corners of North America. We have discovered many new volunteers and learned first hand importance of "Dialogue".

We have substituted traditional pathshala children's competition by a collaborative environment in which, children from six different pathshalas are working together in one dance drama (SAMOSARAN). Instead of one winning team we will have all winners. We are hoping this spirit of cooperation and togetherness will grow along with the JAINA's message of unity.
This convention event will facilitate the networking of Jains in religious, professional, cultural, and many other fields for personal and communal growth. Everyone will have a unique opportunity to express themselves individually yet unite the global Jain community's common interest and aspirations.

We are very proud to see active participation of many youth in developing social programs, youth sessions, Jaina Networking Forum, Jaina Academic Bowl and other programs. We can see the magic of empowerment, a torch being slowly passed on to the next generation.

We are thankful to all the dignitaries, Keynote Speakers, speakers, and donors for their valuable contributions. Hundreds of volunteers have made this convention possible. Offer to help came from all age groups and all centers. Our sincere thanks to those hard working, dedicated volunteers from many Jain centers, for their valuable time and resources to serve in JAINA Convention. We are equally thankful to you, delegates for your support and active participation.

We request you take one good thing back home from this convention to make a difference in your own community. We would consider ourselves being rewarded for the job well done!

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