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Posted: 03.10.2007

Pudgala - General Properties

We have seen that Non-absolutist Jains do not believe in absolute permanence or total cessation. According to them, both transitory and permanent attributes co-exist in a substance. This is the primal nature of the entire real existence.

Thus, a substance can be considered eternal and, therefore, immutable, if one examines it from the view-point of dravya [Tat. Raj 5/7/25.]i.e. its underlying unity and ignoring (but not denying) the other aspect.

On the other hand, it must be considered as incessantly changing, if looked at from the view-point of prayaya i.e. its transitional attribute which establishes its mutability.

And since all substances possess both attributes simultaneously, they are both permanent as well as changing. In short, they are subject to the doctrine of permanence through-modification.

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