Anekanta: The Third Eye ► 10 ► [10.10] Optimistic Perspective - To Imbibe Right

Posted: 26.09.2007

We should understand the meaning of meditation in a holistic fashion. To imbibe the meaning of spiritual practice and spirituality in the right manner. Sometimes when the vision is not clear then the meaning turns chaotic. When the vision is clear the meaning becomes useful. These facts should be clear to us.

An event took place. An officer of a factory thought, "The labourers do not work well. There should be some sutra that can inspire them from within to do their respective work well and with dedication. One idea came to him. He wrote it down as a motivating principle on a board and hung it at a visible place.

The principle was " kal kare So aaj kar" or "do today what you would, tomorrow."
The labourers read it and were inspired.

The first thing to happen was that the cashier ran away with Rs 10,000 the very next day. A big search was launched and he was caught. The employer asked, "you cheated me so?" The cashier replied, "How have I cheated you? Your principle inspired me to do what I did. I would have put it off for a later date but since you told me to do it en suite, I did not leave anything for the following day."

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