Anekanta: The Third Eye ► 10 ► [10.09] Optimistic Perspective - It Is Important To Eat And Give Up Food

Posted: 24.09.2007

From this we have got a new perspective. To make the body flawless, it is important to eschew food that acts as a deterrent to meditation. And yet to meditate, the body needs food. If somebody is ill and he is told to stop eating… allopathic doctors do not believe in fasting but a naturopath may tell the man to stop eating. He will also tell him to take enema. Remove the dirt collected in the body, keep removing. It should also be known that stopping food is not the only thing. We should know when how and with what to begin it again. It should be constantly monitored that the person's energy is not weakened. Energy comes from food.

It is necessary to balance both sides. The body, mind, speech and food have two sides and a balance should be maintained between them.

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