Anekanta: The Third Eye ► 10 ► [10.06] Optimistic Perspective - Two Viewpoints Regarding The Body

Posted: 18.09.2007

Bhagvan Mahavir has said,

Imam shariram anniccam

that this body is not eternal.
This is one viewpoint. There is also another.
The one who thinks on the path of anekanta will not accept anyone viewpoint.

The second viewpoint is:

Sariramahu navati jivo vuchchayi naavio
Sansaro onnvo vutto jam tarnti mahesino

In other words, the body is like a boat. Till we do not cross the shores we cannot let go of the body. And we should not leave it. Use the body like a boat. You have to cross the shores and use the body to do so.

The soul should be the navigator and the body the boat.
Use the body in the right manner.

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