Microcosmology: Atom In Jain Philosophy & Modern Science ► 02 ► [2.1.14] Atom In Jain Philosophy - Metaphysical View - 6 Universal Qualities - 2. Causal Efficiency (Vastutva)

Posted: 24.08.2007

The vastutva is the second universal quality, which emphasizes the dynamic nature of the six substances.

We have already discussed in the previous section that a substance is characterized by permanence-through-change. The quality vastutva emphasizes the aspect of 'change'.

Both 'being' and 'becoming' are necessary concomitants of Reality and one is as ultimate as the other. Becoming or change presupposes causality, which is again reducible to identity-cum-difference, which is the fundamental nature of all Reals. But what is the occasion or rather the raison d'etre of change?

According to the Jains, change is integral in a substance and the stimulus of change is seated in the very nature of substance. This is vastutva or causal efficiency. As regards the question, whether causal efficiency is different from or identical with substance, the answer is - it is different, and at the same, identical.

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