Abstract Thinking ► 31 ► [31.03] - Anupreksha of Tolerance - The Teaching of High Morale - Tolerance

Posted: 24.08.2007

Tolerance is a very great power. It is developed only when one seeks no outside support. Those who bear pain endure hardships, develop tolerance.

All this can be accomplished through the medium of the Science of Living. It can never be achieved through mere academic education. One might master all the braches of learning, but the power of tolerance is not necessarily awakened thereby, nor the development of equanimity. However, one branch of learning - the Science of Living - can become a factor in awakening man's inner powers and in making his personality good and wholesome in all respects.

The world in which we live is a world of chance encounters and separation. Who can tell how many tragic incidents take place every day. Accidents occur. Innumerable people die. Wealth evaporates. Many terrible situations arise. Man does not have the energy to face them. Under these circumstances, is it possible for our education to provide us some support? For this the present-day education must be supplemented by a new type of education, and that is the education of self-observation, of developing one's morale, of increasing one's power of tolerance.

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