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Posted: 21.08.2007
Updated on: 02.07.2015

Jai Jinendra to All

A few gentlemen who are Jains by birth inadvertently opened my eyes in recent days, I was all the time focusing my energy in the propagation of the Jain values among born-Jains. It appears that the erosion to Jain values could come from within the very class of such Jains, mainly due to the detrimental effect of dushama kal in the Hundavasarpini cycle. I grew over the blood relations to embrace all Jains as my brethren guided by the dictum that Arihant and Siddha are my relatives with no need of blood relation (i.e nirnimittena bandhu). I learn that the jain dharma was wiped out entirely before 11th Tirthankar appeared and this disappearance of Dharma happened (ir)regularly up to 16

With this revelation I hereby declare that I would go beyond the barriers set by Jains and reach out the human tribe as a whole.
For me, Jain heritage are the bhavya jivs irrespective of caste, language, nation, race, gender and hope, I can reach out the animal-world too. The message of Shri Samayasara would be the main guide.

I would approach the Jain yahoogroups catering to a fraction of born-Jains and occasional non-Jains only to fulfill this larger objective but not with the myopic eye.

I would possibly join other secular fora befitting my new resolution and revelation with global vision and perspective. It does not mean I would advocate installing the idols of Tirthankar among mithya devatas or compromise with eternal truth.

Jai Jinendra
Michcha Mi dukkadam

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