Anekanta: The Third Eye ► 09 ► [09.07] Transformation - Yogic Modes Can Be Changed

Posted: 21.08.2007

It should be understood through anekanta that all the yogic modes, that is modes created by contacts and relations, and the different states of opinions and external stimuli, can be changed. They are modes that are within our control. We can change them if we want to and not change them if we do not want to. This is like a voluntary nervous system. As soon as we wish to change, we change.

Our body, psyche and mind changes. Our rays of consciousness changes. Our subtlest variations of consciousness changes. Our aura changes. The energy of our body changes. The chemicals and the functioning of the nervous system of our body also change. The hormones secreted by the glands also change. Everything changes if we wish it. We should get this clear that while we can play no role in interfering with the natural modes, we can change all other modes. Man thinks he cannot change. That habits can never change. This is false and ignorance impedes our development. We have taken those which are not rules to be rules. It is because of this that man does not aspire to change.

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