Anekanta: The Third Eye ► 09 ► [09.05] Transformation - Sorrow, Real And Unreal

Posted: 17.08.2007

We should know the principles of change. Every man wants transformation. The entire process of meditation is to bring about transformation. I have seen that people who have not been able to change for many decades have changed in one meditation workshop.

Man's nature changes, his habits change. A man has many problems in his life. Anger, ego, fear and deceit are some of them. If we go closer to reality, look at the truth, then we will find that twenty-five percent of our sorrow is real and the remaining seventy-five percent is unreal, caused by our ignorance, thinking and beliefs. We suffer them. If we enter the zone of truth or get closer to truth, seventy-five percent of our sorrow would disappear.

An angry man suffers himself and makes his family suffer also.

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