Anekanta: The Third Eye ► 09 ► [09.02] Transformation - The Acceptance Of Anekanta: Matter And Mode

Posted: 11.08.2007

Anekanta has explained truth. There are two aspects of truth: substance and mode. In substance lies the root and the mode is additional. Without transformation, nothing can be named constant and without the constant nothing can be termed transformable. Transformation and the constant go hand in hand. One remains in the root and one in the flower. We see the flower not the root, which is underground. Sometimes a few people even try to uproot the root. They accept the changes and reject the root. There are yet others who accept only the root and totally reject the flower. This is a single dimensional view.

Anekanta accepts both. Both the root and the flower are valuable. Neither can be rejected.

Near the town there was a beautiful garden. A board there read, "Not allowed to pluck flowers." A boy came along and wanted to uproot the plants. The gardener saw him and came running. "Hey! What are you doing! See what is written!" he asked the boy. The boy replied coolly, "Yes I read what was written. It does not allow you to pluck flowers so I am plucking the root."

When the root is plucked away then the question of the existence of the flower does not arise. We cannot reject the root. Our life is a flower. We can see it. Life has become an unsolved riddle. There have been many attempts to explain life, but many seem to stop short after describing the flower. There are explanations that describe how to get to the flower. Any explanation that does not get to the root is an incomplete one. A flower blooms, wilts and falls off. All the while changes are taking place. It is dangerous to explain only the flower and not the root.

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