Workshop With Muni Dharmesh Kumar On 'Personality Development Through Preksha Meditation' 6.8. - 1.9.2007, Surat, India

Posted: 08.08.2007
Updated on: 13.02.2008

Under guidance of Muni Dharmesh Kumar ji, workshop on Personality Development through Preksha Dhyan has been started on Monday, 06.08.2007, at Citylight Terapanth Bhawan, Surat.

It will be running nearly for a month, from 6 August to 1 Sept.

The opening ceremony of workshop has taken place on Sunday 5 August. AT 9.30 AM & the closing ceremony will take place on 2 Sept. at 9.30 AM

The time for workshop has been kept as 9.00 pm to 10.00 pm daily except SUNDAY so that many people can take its benefit.

Muni Dharmesh Kumar ji will be the main trainer & will be assisted by Muni Vinod Kumar ji & Muni Ajayprakash ji.

Topics covered in workshop are

1. Time Management
2. Goal Achievement
3. Health Management
4. Stress Management
5. Development of High Mental Skills
6. Development of Concentration & Work Efficiency
7. Development of Memory Power
8. Emotional Development Techniques

A booklet has also been published to keep record of day-to-day activities during workshop & to analyse the changes at the end of workshop.

In each session of workshop, 30 min. will be used to describe the theoretical aspects of subject & 20 min. will be utilised for practical experiments.

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