Abstract Thinking ► 29 ► [29.04] - Anupreksha of Co-Existence - The Discovery of Co-Existence

Posted: 06.08.2007

Our world is so made that each individual wants to mould it in his own way. He wants that all people should speak as he speaks, they should walk as he himself walks, wear the kind of dress he wears, conduct themselves as the does. Everyone sets himself as a model for others to follow. But it does not happen like that. People have different interests, different temperaments and different ideas. Their character and habits are also different. All this leads to confrontation, conflict and wars. At first they appear in the form of a seed; as they develop, they assume the form of a great war. A quarrel between two individuals becomes world-war. A great war is not fought for any great cause. Its origin is often petty, its cause small, never great. Great wars have been fought for a little bit of ground, for recovering a wife kidnapped, or because an individual felt slighted.

Has this world been created merely for fighting? Will man continue in conflict forever? Must he impose his predilections and ideas upon others? Is there no other alternative? Is it possible to live a conflict-free life even in the midst of great contradiction and hostility? Is it possible to lead a wholesome life even in the midst of great division? That is the question. Anekanta sought a way to resolve this problem. That way is the way of co-existence.

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