Abstract Thinking ► 28 ► [28.01] - Anupreksha of Simplicity

Posted: 27.07.2007

In the Deshvakalik Sutra, we find a beautiful depiction of emotions contrary to the four principal passions. If we want to abate or eradicate anger, we must develop tranquillity. The opposite of anger is tranquillity. The stronger the sentiment of tranquillity, the more quickly will the passion of anger subside. If we want to end pride, we must cultivate gentleness. The opposite of pride is gentleness. For annihilating illusion, one must cherish straightforwardness. There is not much difference between straightforwardness and friendship. In fact, goodwill or friendship naturally follows simplicity and sincerity. If there is sincerity and straightforwardness, the question of enmity with anyone just does not arise. Crookedness ever precedes enmity. All animosity is perverse. Without perversity or crookedness, there can be no enmity. The feeling of ill-will arises only when there is secrecy and the desire to cheat another. Where there is no reservation at all, where all is straightforwardness and simplicity, where life is transparent like a crystal, there is no room for enmity at all. The opposite of illusion is straightforwardness. To do away with greed, one must develop contentment; the opposite of greed is contentment.

To end various passions, contrary sentiments must be reared. Unless the opposite feeling is nourished, the passions will not be weakened: unless they are weakened, they cannot be ended. They must be enfeebled to a point where they disintegrate all at once.

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