Abstract Thinking ► 27 ► [27.02] - Anupreksha of Honesty - The Meaning of Integrity

Posted: 16.07.2007

Integrity is an element which is valid for economics, politics and religion alike. In his book entitled Kotilya Arthashastra. ("Crooked Economy) Prime Minister Chanakya says - "A government servant should not accept bribe." Declaring this tendency to be 'difficult to cure' he say that just as we cannot tell when and how a fish living in water, slakes its thirst, similarly the process of a government servant accepting bribes is not easily detectable. Emphasizing this fact stilt further, he says, "It is easier to divine the movement of a fish in water, or the flight of a bird across the sky then to detect the bribe taking of a government servant."

Integrity or honesty means - not to deceive anyone. Financial uprightness aims at the development of trade and business. A merchant deals honestly with his clients. Thus people come to have greater faith in him and come to him with pleasure. His prestige in the sphere of business is enhanced and many of his business problems are resolved of themselves.
Integrity in politics controls the tendency of betrayal rising between the rulers and the ruled. Their mutual relations remain smooth. The people are happy and the government free from care.

Integrity in the sphere of religion closes the door to self-degeneration. Base thoughts stand purgated. One experiences a sense of purification on the ground of thought and action and attains bliss, which can never be got through inauthentic conduct.

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