Abstract Thinking ► 26 ► [26.02] - Anupreksha of Patience - The Secret of Sadhana: Patience

Posted: 09.07.2007

The biggest problem of the modern age is that a man has no patience-he wants immediate results. If he sows something today, he expects to reap the fruit thereof at once. This impatience, the desire not to be kept waiting for anything, is a hindrance to sadhana.

Impetuousness in the path of sadhana is bad. One should gradually increase one's practice or the equilibrium of the body is disturbed. So much so that it becomes difficult to hold it together Walk patiently. Do not let a situation of impatience arise.

Let us not be too anxious to realise the stage of non-mind. If the mind functions in the right way, with proper support, and moves steadfastly in one direction, it would reach its goal - it will become non-mind. We have set out to discover the truth. We must go on and on with our search. We have to find out many truths.

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