Berlin - Swami Dharmanandji & Nirmalaji on Tour 2007 - The Berlin Days (4)

Published: 18.06.2007
Updated: 29.11.2012

10.06.2007, Sunday


After breakfast

Southwest of Potsdam, Berlin's smaller sister city, the little town of Caputh is located [Albert Einstein lived and worked here in his house], where the lakes Templiner See and Schwielow See are connected by a channel - is a nice place to go, relax and enjoy the atmosphere and lake views.


Weather was perfect for this day to let all events of last days pass by and reflect the meaning of new ideas and insights and greet the future to bring back Dharmanandji & Nirmalaji on their next years tour or in between, because it is always a great event for us to come together.


Paulo spent this day with Trupti and both enjoyed this wonderful summer day. There was some incident worth to report on. At the table nearby, a girl aged about 10 years, was sitting with her parents. She was looking some time at Swami Dharmanandji who then addressed her, “Do you want to come to visit me in India?” – Karuna told her in German language, and she happily nodded. Swami Dharmanandji gave his card to her, and her father was wondering where in New Delhi the Jain Ashram might be situated, Swami Dharmanandji is directing.

We described its location, and the parents even had heard about Jainism. We also gave our card and invited them to come for meditation to Preksha Meditation Berlin. They promised to do so.

Also one lady had visited us in the morning to experience spiritual guidance and Deep Relaxation by Swami Dharmananda & Nirmalaji. She had addressed us in a warehouse where our friends wanted to buy souvenirs. She simply approached by asking, "Can you please help me?" She had watched us together, and then decided to address us. Our group had attracted her intention. When she left, she felt much happier as when arriving.

It was our great pleasure to watch the many positive reactions of people wherever we went with our friends. People were much interested and certainly the number of participants in the workshop would have increased, if we walked through the streets together for inviting people to come. The positive vibrations Swami Dharmanandji & Nirmalaji radiated were immediately recognised by the people.


In the evening, Paulo joined us, and we continued talks.

11.06.2007, Monday

In the morning Dharmanandji & Nirmalaji left from Tegel airport to Bruxels, Belgium.
In the afternoon Paulo left from Tegel airport to Barcelona.

Next morning we received Samanijis coming from Bruxels at Tempelhofg airport.

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