Abstract Thinking ► 24 ► [24.13] - Anupreksha of Spirituality and Science - The Technique of Meditation - The Technique of Preksha Meditation

Posted: 27.06.2007

The technique of preksha meditation is a scientific technique in the sense that it is not like taking a leap in the dark. It has a scientific basis. In it, both cause and effect have a role to play. What is the cause of a particular habit? What is its effect? What is the reason for changing it and what is the process for effecting that change? All this is very clear-like mathematics. There is no room for any doubt. He, who is acquainted with metaphysics as well as physiology, grasps this truth at once. He comes to know that there are many special psychic centres in our body and how their functioning changes and with what results. The physiologist by himself alone does not know it. However, both physiology and metaphysics in combination can change the way of social living.

As it is, our education is incomplete. Need is felt today for linking spiritual education with social education and the way of social life with that of spiritual life. Both should be combined for only a combination of the two can lead to a radical transformation of consciousness, to the awakening of a new consciousness altogether. That is our chief objective - to bring about a transformation of consciousness, not merely a physical change. It has a therapeutic aspect, too, but that is secondary. Our primary aim is-the transformation of consciousness.

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