Abstract Thinking ► 24 ► [24.11] - Anupreksha of Spirituality and Science - The Technique of Meditation - Scientific Achievement

Posted: 23.06.2007

The whole pilgrimage of a man's life is conducted around the gross body. Only rarely do a few people go beyond it. All our means of knowledge are gross and these are capable of apprehending the gross alone. We have no means of comprehending the subtle.

The present scientific age has accomplished a great good for the human race. The right approach towards religion prevalent today was just not possible 50 - 100 years ago. The great interest in the subtle evinced today was not there before. Earlier, when someone talked of subtle truth, it was dismissed as a mental fabrication. It was called superstition - a blanket word which covered a great deal. But as science began to provide authentic information about the subtle reality, the brazenness to dismiss it as superstition, decreased. Today, it is considered to be impertinence on the part of anyone to dismiss each and everything as 'superstition'. Certain subtle truths apprehended by science today, were simply unimaginable two centuries ago. It may be said that science today is approaching the frontiers of transcendental knowledge. In the olden age, the development of transcendental knowledge and a direct perception of subtle truths were accomplished through sadhana. Today's man has given up sadhana for transcendental knowledge, lost the capacity to pursue it; even the technique has been forgotten. No other way is left for him excepting science. The scientists have done no sadhana, nor have they deeply studied spirituality, nor made any effort to awaken the transcendental consciousness. However, they have developed sophisticated apparatuses through which to seek and observe transcendental truths. Through the medium of these sophisticated appliances, all transcendental truths can be known, which means that modem science is quite capable of apprehending and enunciating transcendental truths.

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