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Published: 28.02.2014
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The clacking of plates accompanied by soft chit-chatting are sounds one has no objections against to be wakened. After some time it was joined by the fragrance of coffee. So breakfast was awaiting us, and we voluntarily followed. This morning it took place in a room not far from our room on 2nd floor, perhaps because the big hall was prepared for the inauguration ceremony of the conference. In its back side normally all meals were taken, except for breakfast and lunch on the first day. For us participants of the conference this was as important as taking breakfast first. The most favored person this morning was the gentleman at the coffee stand, and he maintained this position during the whole time.

2014.01.04 Jaipur - 8th  ICPNA 2952
The buffet attracted al of us with delicious items

The whole morning was dedicated to the inauguration session. In one coin of the assembly hall book stands of JVB and Rajasthan Patrika were set up. JVB’s contribution to the inauguration of the conference was the giving away of books free of charge. Rajasthan Patrika gave away very useful bags for books and laptops, containing documents for the conference after registration. Even we used it for the wonderful books we were gifted during our trip. This was the schedule:  


SUNDAY, 5th January, 2014

06.00 Hrs - 07.00 Hrs. 

Preksha Meditation by Samani Jis 


10.30 Hrs - 12.30 Hrs 


Mahapra­gya Sabhagaar 
(Main Hall) 

12.30 Hrs. - 14.00 Hrs. 


Outside Area 

Little by little the hall was peopled with participants of the conference, and the podium with the speakers of the inauguration session, among them U.P. Governor Banwari Lal Joshi. Born in a small Rajasthani village, from 2000-2004 he was member of the Rajasthan State Commission for Human Rights, which equates to the position of a Federal Judge of the Indian Union. He was the only politician ready to spend his Sunday morning with the inauguration of a Peace Conference with international guests. On the podium meanwhile all speakers were gathered: Journalist Pannalal Baid, Lama Doboom Tulku, originating from Tibet, as the representative of HH Dalai Lama, Dr. S.L. Gandhi, founder of ICPNA, T.K. Jain, Anuvibha president, U.P. Governor B.L. Joshi, Swami Avadheshanand, a Hindu Saint, Gulab Kothari, author, journalist und publisher of monthly magazine „Rajasthan Patrika“, Samani Charitra Pragya, Vice-Chancellor of Jain Vishva Bharati University Ladnun, and Naresh Mehta, secretary of Anuvibha.

2014.01.05 8th ICPNA 2966
The speakers of the inauguration session on the podium (many single photos in the sets below)

All speakers pointed out the importance of the conference subject and expressed their happiness that all the people from abroad in the audience had accepted the invitation to 8th ICPNA. Dr. S.L. Gandhi underlined the fact that all participants had come on their own expenses. Students of Mahapragya International School Tamkor, native village of 10th Terapanth Acharya Mahapragya, the name patron of the school, concluded the session with the performance of Anuvrat Song composed by Gurudev Tulsi.   

2014.01.05 8th ICPNA 2975
Students of Mahapragya International School Tamkor had come from Tamkor specially for the inauguration of the conference.

2014.01.05 8th ICPNA 2994
After two and a half hours of sitting nearly all people rose at the same time.

Nachdem die Offiziellen die richtigen Worte für die Eröffnung gefunden hatten, waren wir gespannt, wie es weitergeht. Am Ende der Eröffnungssitzung begrüßten wir erst einmal Freunde und Bekannte:

2014.01.05 8th ICPNA 2959
HereNow4U publisher and editor Christian Geerdes and Dr. Rudi Jansma who compiled the conference booklet and had asked all speakers before the opening of the conference to hand over their speech masnuscripts to him for publication. Unfortunately his appeal was in vain, that's why publication can be done only step by step.

2014.01.05 8th ICPNA 2961
Dr. Anil Dhar, author of quite some articles in HereNow4U, very well known and remembered to us since German Language Course at JVBU Ladnun in 2007, and Christian Geerdes.

2014.01.05 8th ICPNA 2963
Reunion with our friends Sanjeev and Shivani Bothra, in whose family we stayed another three days after the conference.

2014.01.05 8th ICPNA 3004
Carla Geerdes and Prof. Bhargava are knowing each other since many years.  

Gradually the activities shifted outside the hall, where the fog started to dissolve. Around the corner something red was blinking, which by approaching was a red carpet for a wonderfully celebrated lunch outside with excellent musical presentation. A group of famous Sufi musicians from Thar Desert gave us the honour.

2014.01.05 8th ICPNA 2989
Anuvibha Bhawan with red carpet in the background.

2014.01.05 8th ICPNA 3012
This was how it looked around the corner,...

2014.01.05 8th ICPNA 3016
... the bufet was ready,...

2014.01.05 8th ICPNA 3017
... and so were the musicians...

2014.01.05 8th ICPNA 3023
... stirring and burningly melancholic like their native scenery.


2014.01.05 8th ICPNA 3018
Dr. S.L. Gandhi (r) talking with D.R. Mehta (m) and Ashok Gudka (l) during lunch, apparently rather content as deserved.


2014.01.05 8th ICPNA 3032
At the tables also there were animated talks, and all complimented the host for the catering.

All were in excellent mood and felt strengthened for the afternoon, when the tight schedule was supposed to be kept with all its plenary sessions and workshops.

Photos: 2014.01 HN4U ►Jaipur ►ICPNA

Photos: 2014.01 8th ICPNA

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