Applied Philosophy Of Anekanta

Posted: 18.02.2014


Anekāntic perspective stimulates and motivates the understanding of the other's view point from the angle in which he/she wants to be enlightened. This enlightened world-view widens the horizon of thinking, perceiving and cognizing. The holistic approach of Jaina epistemology basically emphasizes on the anekāntic thought, anekāntic perception, anekāntic cognition and anekāntic interpretation or expression. The wide implication of anekānt philosophy lies in its fundamental principles of Co-existence, Relativity, Equanimity Tolerance and Reconciliation. The open hearted acceptance of co-existence of persons having diverse views, habits, interests, and hobbies and rendering relevant importance to all these life situations relatively by keeping one in focus and the other in margin according to the need of the hour. This reconciliation of giving due respect to 'the other' by mutual understanding and tolerance is the bedrock of healthy, happy and harmonious familial life. This dream can be translated into the reality through the tool of unconditional tolerance and equanimous behaviour with one and all irrespective of one's relatives, friends, sex, caste, colour, language, state, country, so on and so forth. In this age of clash of civilization and cultural conflicts, communication revolution, the open umbrella of anekānt can assimilate all the differences and can pave the path of inter-disciplinary approach and inter-cultural dialogue between the nations for global peaceful co-existence.


Dr. Samani Shashi Pragya


Jain Vishva Bharati Institute



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 Applied Philosophy Of Anekanta  (2014.03 scheduled)


 Applied Philosophy Of Anekanta




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