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Posted: 12.02.2014
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Jai Jinendra
dear Reader,


Back in Berlin from our January India Tour the days just flashed by: Time lag, technical cleaning up the office equipment (new wires, switches etc.), answering emails, updating HN4U magazine… 


Our thoughts are permanently rushing back to an India, where the wind of change is blowing stronger than before, to the people we met and those who cared for us and to the very south of India we have travelled the first time - so we are mentally busy with our upcoming reports and preparing the data for it. It takes some time of preparations to get ready - but it’s straight ahead.


Short Overview what will be reported about:


  • Dharmanandji and the Adhyatma Sadhana Kendra [ ASK ] in the middle of destruction (constructions of new buildings for the Delhi chaturmas of Acharyashri).
  • video interviews by Shatish Kumar Sharma and his team of Karuna and me. Very interesting process. Haven’t seen the results yet.



  • 8th ICPNA - International Conference on Peace and Nonviolent Action

    • 3 days of listening to various sessions and workshops. We met Dr. Rudi Jansma who supplied us with the conference booklet in digital format, sent to Raoul back home in Berlin, who published it just in time for the conference start.

    • 4th day participants went to Bhinasar to meet Acharya Mahashraman & Muni Mahendra Kumar, who officially announced the importance of the internet media to be used  for the benefit of the sangh - just which was our permanent message and motivation since 2004. Very good news.

  • Next 3 days we stayed at our friend’s Shivani & Sanjeev Bothra’s house, where we had the opportunity
    • to meet the family members
    • to upload all our photos of 8th ICPNA to our Flickr account to be published in HN4U.
    • to meet Mrs. Prof. Kusum Jain and artist Mr. Himmat Shah
    • to see the extraordinary looking book on the terra cotta work of Mr. Himmat Shah, unbelievable tasteful developed & designed by Sanjeev Bothra
    • and to visit Mr. Himmat Shah in his house, where we could admire his numerous marvellous sculptures catching eyes in all rooms.


  • We stayed at Karnataka Jain Bhavan and had 2 days to explore Bangalore city, it’s temples, palace & parks…

    Respected Prof. Hampana had invited us and had organized a visit to

    • Shravanabelagola to see Bahubali statue, the people of National Institute of Prakrit Studies and Research and meet H.H. Charukeerthy Bhattaraka.

    • On the way to Mysore we visited Belur & Halebidu
      Due to some health problem (I caught a cold on the Jaipur conference and fever raised to 39°C) we couldn’t finish the whole program and had a 2 day rest in Mysore’s Park Lane Hotel and from where we took the bus back to Bangalore.

Kovalam Beach/Kerala:

  • Yes - there we had nice rest a week long at Lighthouse Beach, Kovalam, just 15 km from Thiruvananthapuram airport before we took a delayed plane back home via Doha, Qatar, where we missed our connection flight to Berlin and had a comfortable free stay in the airline hotel.

  • Next day Berlin received us with +4°C. Here we had missed winter by minus 15°C.



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