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Posted: 09.01.2014
Updated on: 10.01.2014

8th International Conference on Peace and Nonviolent Action (8th ICPNA)


Towards a Nonviolent Future:
Seeking Realistic Models for Peaceful Co-existence and Sustainability

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Healing Ourselves; Healing the World

Susan Seats, Ms.

It is easy to be discouraged when one sees the unrest all over the world, yet true peace begins with the individual. Through songs, discussions and lecture this workshop will explore the concept of Gandhi's powerful words "Be the Change" It will offer some suggestions and tools for "peacemakers" to "walk our talk", during these challenging times. Drawing from the wisdom of some current spiritual teachers and other sources of insight, we will look at at how developing an attitude of gratitude for every experience and cultivating a practice of self acceptance, while embracing our humanness, is essential for us to better help others shift from survival to a world of hope.


Yuhimaru Takeda, Mr.

We are fighting against re-operation and export of the nuclear plants, the story of Peace Constitution, and revival of militarism. We need attention from world society and international solidarity based on non violent spirit.

Training Children in a Culture of Ahimsa

Ignatius Xavier, Mr.

Recently an Ahimsaism Workshop and painting Exhibition was held in Gujarat. Participants came from different Colleges to take part in the event called FLAIR 3, organized by the Petroleum University, various Colleges and the student community in Gujarat.
The Ahimsa Art Style was well received by the Students after viewing and carefully examining the new method of painting based on Jain Philosophy to propagate vegetarianism & promoting a culture of Ahimsa, Peace, Anti-Terrorism/Anti-War/Ragging, Environmentalism, etc. Similar events were organized at Sindhanur in Karnataka. Here the topic was to show compassion and tolerance even in Warfare, taking into account the recent beheading of an Indian Soldier, and taking away his head by unethical means, this act has shaken the Military fraternity of the World.
The economics of Ahimsa ascribed by Acharya Mahapragya will also be taken into the class rooms in order to educate the students about ahimsa culture and its attitude.

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