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Published: 24.12.2013
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Federation Of Jain Associations in North America
JAINA - Newsletter

Holiday Message: Compassion Challenge, Planned Giving, YJP and YJA Updates!

Happy Holidays from JAINA!

JAINA Invites You to Join the 30 Day Compassion Challenge!

Now running from Dec. 24, 2013 to Jan. 24, 2014

JAINA is launching its first 30 Day Compassion Challenge! From Dec. 24, 2013 to Jan. 24, 2014, we will find new ways to express our respect and empathy for all living beings. With the holidays around the corner, we wanted to offer a way to practice, connect, and share our experiences of compassion and kindness.

This challenge will provide thought provoking ways to practice compassion in your everyday life -- including ideas for random acts of kindness. Challenge participants will also get daily inspirational emails and a chance to connect and share their experiences with others across the nation.
To sign up click on the button below. For questions, please contact jainahq[at]jaina.org.

Your help is still needed!

This holiday, please remember the victims of Typhoon Haiyan.

The World Commmunity Services (WCS) of JAINA is taking donations for the "Typhoon Haiyan Victim’s Relief Fund” to those affected by this disaster. Super Typhoon Haiyan came ashore late Friday, November 8, 2013 as a Category 5 storm with winds of over 140 mph, hitting the Tacloban area of the Philippines. 4 million people have been displaced by this storm...(read more)


Watch this new video from UNICEF with updates about the devastation and need for support.

Interested in a tax reduction, Aparigraha?

Donate to JAINA before the end of the year!

In the USA tax laws generally are very favorable to generous people. They allow donors to receive many tax deductions and at the same time benefit their next generation as well as charitable organizations.

Top 5 Benefits of Giving to a Tax-Exempt Organization such as JAINA:

1. Income tax deduction
2. Capital gain tax elimination
3. Estate tax reduction/elimination
4. Ability to share values with the family, children and grandchildren
5. Ability to serve the community

For a full list of donor benefits, go to jaina.org/donorbeneifts.
For more information see the attachment, click here for the online version of the attachment.

Check out this new program called Amazon Smile: smile.amazon.com. Amazon.com now allows you to donate to the charity of your choice -- including JAINA -- when you make purchases online at AmazonSmile.

Center Spotlight: Jain Center of Southern California

On Friday, December 13, 2013, Jain Center of So. California (JCSC) in Buena Park had a night of musical extravaganza to raise funds for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in Philippines. Twenty local artists, singers and musicians devoted their time without charging any fees. Approximately 350 members attended this event. More than 50 Philippino people attended this event. Philippine consul general Maria Helena De Vega personally attended this event and thanked the JCSC members for their generosity.

Approximately $40,000 was pledged to help the victims. Dr. Jayesh Shah, President of JCSC, thanked the JCSC community members and local Indian organizations in Southern California, who supported this event. Funds collected for this program will be used to build schools and houses in Tacloban, Phillippines.

Read the latest article in India Journal featuring JCSC's fundraising efforts, here.

New Huffington Post articles from the JAINA Writers Circle

Here are the new pieces posted this past month. Please like, share, and comment on them!

Planning a Cross-Cultural Thanksgiving by Jennifer J. Craig

"... My ancestor William Bradford participated in the first Thanksgiving in 1621, which brought Puritans and Native Americans together across faith boundaries to give thanks to a divine force for the new harvest. And now I am planning a unique interfaith Thanksgiving gathering with my fiancé Parth, who is Jain.”

To read full article, click here.

Compassion for All Viewpoints: When the Jain Principle of Anekantavada Meets Practice by Parth Savla

"... All this happened within twenty minutes. It was sparked by letting go of whatever hesitation I had about connecting with someone to share the human experience. I had to get over my pain and feelings of awkwardness to be there for another person. This was anekantavad in action. Seeing the world through another person's eyes created a moment of real community.”

To read full article, click here.

The Mangalam Show is now online daily on the Paras International Channel

Be a Part of It, Be Proud of It

The Mangalam Show is now streaming online daily at 9:30 am IST on the new Paras International Channel website: www.parasinternationaltv.com. In India, it airs Saturdays at 9:10 am on Paras. The Paras Channel is available 24/7 on on all digital and cable networks, on Tata Sky Channel No. 188, Airtel 696, Vediocon 681, and on Dish TV Channel 571 (from 3 to 11 am).

Check out this unique international program about Jain life. There is no other show about the Jain community like this in the world! To get involved or propose an idea for the Mangalam Show e-mail the mangalam show team at mangalamshow[at]gmail.com. Mangalam will be very happy to have your help in any way possible!

You can also find out more or see episodes at: www.mangalamshow.com.

Young Jain Professionals (YJP) hosts successful networking events in

New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco!

YJP has already ringed in the New Year with events across the country. With a strong Executive Board and the support of active members, we've already hosted our first events across the nation in 4 cities. The goal of these events was to re-introduce Young Jain Professionals to the larger Jain professional diaspora. We hope to continue moving forward in the New Year with stronger and effective programming through various events and themes, with a focus on addressing issues relevant to Jain professionals.

We will be coming to your region soon and so until then, please follow us on Facebook and sign up for our eNewsletter.  May the New Year bring with it "greater efforts, resulting in grander victories" from all of us.  Wishing you and your family, Happy Holidays and A Splendid New Year!!!


Sign up for their newsletter to find out about future networking opportunities here: YJP Email Sign-Up.

Young Jains of America (YJA)

Conducted events across 7 states and 9 different cities for National Service Weekend from Dec. 20 - 22

This past weekend, YJA began a series of community service events across North America. Activities included a book drive in Washington D.C, food drives in northern and southern California, volunteering at a homeless shelter in Kentucky, as well as organization projects the Pathshala in Chicago.

Please take a moment to email your words of encouragement to these dynamic young people! You can reach them at the following email address: info[at]yja.org.

Support the 2014 YJA Convention and make a difference for future generations!

This coming summer's YJA Convention will be held in Arlington, VA. The YJA Convention Committee along with their Executive Board are working rigorously to ensure that the convention will be a great success! They are currently in the process of voting for a theme related to the Jain experience. For a list of past themes, click here: yja.org/events/yja-convention.

The YJA Convention is made possible by contributions from supportive community members like you, Aparigraha.
Click on the button to the left to ensure that the next generation continues to learn about the Jain way of life.

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