Water - A single Molecular Living Being

Published: 02.08.2013
Updated: 02.07.2015


It is well established that water is a chemical and biochemical entity  and that it  is a combination of two gases - Hydrogen and oxygen (H2O). But it is rarely accepted as a living (biological) entity.  The idea of single-cell-organisms is also well established but not of single molecular being. The present study aims at finding the proofs that proves water as a single molecular living Being.

1.1 Introduction

When elemental enrichment factors in living organism are plotted against the ionic potential of the elements, a strikingly similar pattern is found for different groups of organisms in its general features, to that found in sea water. These relationships support the idea that life began in water-rich environment interfacing with the primitive atmosphere of the earth.[1]

Although water looks as a simple chemical compound of hydrogen and oxygen, scientists know that it is endowed with enormous special and unique properties. The chemistry of water is well known, a clear picture of the structure and functions of water has been studied in chemistry. Life and water are too closely related to each other, yet no such concept till the date has tried to prove the biology of water except a few Jain scholars. The present paper aims at proving the water both as a biological entity and not as only chemical-nonliving substance. Water can be proved as a living entity as follows based on logical grounds.

1.2. I. 

If water is the origin of life that means it is life.

1.2. II. 

If CHO can be life, HO can also be life.

1.2. III.

If Single Cellular beings are living, Single molecular beings also can be.

1.2. IV.

Evidences from Jain canonical texts

1.2. V.

Evidences of various scientists.

1.2. VI.

Some physiological and psychological changes observed in water molecules.

The detaliled descriptions of the above points is as follows

 1.2. I. If water is the origin of life that means it is life.

Imagine if you took all the components that make up a human being; carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and so on and put them in a container with some water, gave it a vigorous stir, and out stepped a complete person. That would be amazing. Well, that's essentially what Hoyle and others including many ardent creationalists argue when they suggest that proteins spontaneously formed all at once. They did not; they cannot have. Bill Bryson opines that it is not possible for us to cook them up in a lab but universe does it readily enough.[2] What is to be said that a nonliving things can never produce a living beings.

Biologist[3] do agree that life certainly arose in the water of primeval earth, The first life form was probably a small sac enclosing water with an array of dissolved enzymes and simple genetic material. Living organism is still composed of 60% to 90% water, and all life on earth depends intimately on the properties of water, but they do not agree water as living being.

As said above, there can be no magic in the field of science. Nothing totally new can emerge out of void. The life that exists can bring out life; there we will have to accept that the water from which the life emerged was live water. Other wise it would be impossible for life to be created by only non living material.

This concept of producing living being from nonliving material is not acceptable in all the Indian philosophies except C¢rv¢ka.[4] This view is also accepted by modern scientist as Rudolf Hauschka in his brilliant book. The nature of substance caries Kervan and Herzeles ideas even further saying that life cannot possibly be interpreted in chemical terms because life is not the result of combination of elements but something which precedes the elements.

The water micro-biology states that micro-organism of concern to water specialists are tiny organisms that makes large group of tiny and diverse group of living forms: They either exists as a single cell or cell clusters[5] Jagadish Chandra Bose scientifically proved that nearly 39450 Bacteria's reside in a drop of water. [6]   But  according to Jainism water itself is living, apart from this the water bodied beings body too are not visible to naked eyes. Number of beings in a drop of water if give a size of pigeon and made to fly. The whole Jambudv¤pa would be filled of them. As it is measured as innumerable part of a¬gula There many others hosting in them.[7]

Thus it can be concluded that no elements or compounds mixed together can give birth to a living being. If that is the case, there would remain no difference between a Robort and live man. Thus if the origin of life is water, it must have life.

 1.2. II. If CHO can be life, HO can also be life.

What we normally understand about life is living biochemical cells. When we talk about cell based life form we mean only the biochemical cells based life from and nothing else. By biochemical, we mean specific chemical reactions among diversed organic compounds that make up living water, the elements that are essential for life. It is proved that although virtually all elements can be found in living cells, only a few of them are permanent part or constitution of the organism. Most Biologically important elements have low atomic weight as carbon.

Essentially all organic compounds in living things contain carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, the three most abundant elements in cells. It account for 93% of weight of human body. Nitrogen is equally necessary for living beings as it is part of amino acids.[8]

The question is if Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, makes a body of organism. Why not only Hydrogen and Oxygen? Famous scholar of the day Bill Bryson writes in his book A Short History of Nearly Every Thing[9] that it is usually said that 'if it wasn't for carbon, life as we know it would be impossible. Probably any sort of life would be impossible.' Yet Carbon is not all that in your body who so vitally depend on it. Of every 200 atoms 126 are hydrogen, 51 are oxygen and just 19 are carbon. 'This shows that we can imagine of an organism without carbon, DNA and RNA.   

Moreover as in the formal logic if p.(q.r) is assumed to be true then according to the rules of conjunction, (q.r) must be true. The same rule works should work in the biochemistry too that if CH2O is living, H2O must be living as there is no difference in the composition of H and O in both the cases is the same as (q.r). It can be logically explained as follows

p.(q.r) / q.r


(q.r). p 1coms.

(q.r) 2 simp.[10]

 1.2. III. If Single Cellular being are living, Single molecular beings also can be.

It is true that an organism is a composition of organs and organs of tissues, tissue of cell and it is also true the cells are made up molecules, such as carbohydrates fats amino acids and so on. Chemists classify molecules as organic or inorganic. The organic originally signified that these molecules should be manufactured only within living organism. Today however they are manufactured in laboratory. The modern definition of organic molecule is any molecule containing both Carbon and hydrogen. Most organic molecules are large molecules with complex structures. Inorganic molecules include carbon dioxide and all molecules without Carbon.[11]

The definition of organic and inorganic based on Carbon content is true, but it does not define the limit of life as where is carbon there is life, because carbonated molecules can also prepared in laboratory synthetically, where exist no life. Moreover living and nonliving carbon cannot be differentiated. This was and is the real difficulty that a scientist faces that it is very hard to differentiate living from non-living Phenomenon.  In an International Congress of Physics held in 1900 at the Paris Exhibition, entitled 'De la Generalite des Phenomenes moleculaires Produits par l, Electricie sur la Matiere inorganique et sur la Matiere Vivante 'Bose stressed the fundamental unity among the apparent diversity of nature' concluding that "it is difficult to draw a line and say that here the physical phenomenon ends and here physiological begins.'[12]

On the other hand can we think of life without carbon? Yes, that is what is proved in Jainism, that a molecule of only Hydrogen and oxygen may also represent characteristics of life. As it is found in many biological beings, molecules also form hydrogen bonds, where the atom of hydrogen is combined with oxygen.

Water beings are as live as just as any acellular living being as viruses and other similar organisms are acellular in the sense that they lack typical cell structure. Any given virus does not contain both RNA, and DNA in cells either RNA or DNA but not both. Cellular organisms on the other hand contains both RNA and DNA in their cells. Of course there can be organism without cellular DNA and RNA. It may be hypothiesed of an organism without cellular components such as carbohydrates and so on: an organism without Carbon (organic compounds). In other words inorganic organism, if that comes out to be true then water must have life.

 1.2.IV. Evidences from canonical texts

There are water-bodied beings that are too subtle to be perceptible to the naked eye. The  ¡c¢rca¬ga S¦tra[13]  advices us to know them in comparison to ourselves. One should not deny their existence as one cannot deny the existence of oneself. To the query why one should not deny them, the answer is that their denial would involve the denial of oneself as one's soul was subject to birth as water-bodied being infinite times in the past. In other words, the denial of them is evidently the denial of the vicissitudes of oneself.

One should neither deny the world (of water-bodied beings), nor should one deny oneself. One who denies the world (of water-bodied beings), denies himself, and one who denies himself denies the world (of water-bodied beings).

Asks the disciple: O Lord!, It is very difficult to understand the nature of water-bodied beings, because it is said that they neither hear, nor see, nor smell, nor taste, nor are they found to feel pleasure and pain; there is no throb of life in them, no respiration. Why should they be considered as possessed of souls? The reply to this query is provided by the ¡c¢r¢¬g¢ Niryukti.[14] Just as the body of the elephant embryo at the time exactly so the water bodied beings of conception, and the watery egg are both sentient liquids, exactly so the water-bodied beings are sentient. This can be syllogized as follows;

Thesis: Water-bodied beings are sentient.

Reason: Because they are liquid, and not injured by any weapon is necessarily sentient.

Example: (i) Like the embryo (kalala) that is material cause of the body of the elephant. (ii) Like the liquid in the egg that has not developed the organs and where the limbs and the like have not grown.

Apart from this, water can also be studied under various biological perspectives. When  we analyze scientific reason given in the scripture to prove water living we have the following data.

Some people pierce and cut foot, ankle, leg etc.[15]Sometimes a person is beaten to a state of unconsciousness and sometimes tortured to death. There are many aquatic beings living in water. Thus do I say -In this ascetic discipline, O men, water itself has been propounded as a living being.[16]

 1.2.V. Evidences of various scientists.

In those days no other thinker did accept water as a sentient entity. There was of course the opinion that there are living beings in water. This ¢c¢r¢¬ga sūtra, clarifies the issue. In the Jain scripture, water itself is propounded a living substance. There are many creatures living in water. But they are not water-bodied beings, being simply the mobile born in water. The organism (accepted by modern science)live in water, but they are not water-bodied beings.[17] It is the same case with bacterias in waters. Some scholars as has been written in unpublished thesis of Pikal Shah[18] and others. It is a great misunderstanding of water bodied being recognised as bacterias that reside in water.

 1.2.VI. Biological and psychological changes observed in water molecules.

 1.2.VI.A. Taxonomy

Water bodied beings- rain water, Pure water, Dew, Exudations, Fog and Ice etc. all are earth bodied beings. In a lump of soil there are innumerable independent souls. They are living until they do not have contact with a weapon and turns to be nonliving once they come in contact with their weapon.[19]

 1.2.VI.B. Morphological and Physiological Characteristics Affirmed by Science and Jainism

According to Jain texts such as Gomma°as¢ra[20] the shape of the body of the water bodied beings is sperical which is in accordance with science as the tendency of dipolar molecules to form a spherical shape is more. Althogh water looks to be a simple compound of hydrogen and oxygen, scientists know that it is endowed with very special and unique properties. What makes water popular crystallography, is its organized constitution as depicted in the picture above. Thus as The scriptures agree that the shape of it or body structure is spherical which very well matches with the chemistry of water as can be observed in fig No.  1.1

http://www.herenow4u.net/fileadmin/v3media/pics/persons/Samani_Chaitya_Pragya/Water_1.jpgFig. No  1.1 Stucture of Water Molecules

It is usually said that water is colour-less liquid but Dhaval¢[21] states that in their undeveloped state subtle water bodied beings substantially have grey colour. Where as gross water bodied beings are white crystalline in colour as densed water is observed to be. If it argued that water are also observed in different colours then the text prescribes that it is on account of mixing of mud and sand etc. but virtually it is white in colour.

 1.2.VI.C. Physiology

The scientists do not admit the production of water in the absence of oxygen. Does not this necessity of oxygen to produce water prove that there is soul in water? Thus there is definitely an intake of oxygen in the form of respiratives. Modern biology defines living beings as twin capacities viz. ability to fix energy and transfer in a directed way and remember and pass on information

When oxygen is dissolved or absorbed in water, what does it do there?

It makes the hydrogen bond of water stronger. The bee-hive structure of nano-tube allows the ions to move effortlessly through it, Cell energy keeps the movement of oxygen molecules or radicals in dynamic balance.

It is absorbed (digested) in the tube in its hollow space in its 'quantum vacancy' to form a zygote (yoni). Flow of oxygen ions through water channels or structures generates electrical pulses by its movements. Its potential Energy is 'fixed' in the nano tubes. Thus it acts as a transducer. It stores electrical energy and supplies back on demand. Thus it exhibits the first attribute of a living water cell.[22]

 1.2.VI.D. Lifespan

The scripture Praj®¢pana[23] quotes how long does the water-bodied being live their lifespan as in the following conversation-

'How long O Lord! "When Lord Mahavira was asked he said 'Gautama! It is minimum' Lord answered "the life span of water bodied beings, infra hour and maximum of 7,000 years.'

 1.2.VI.E. Evidences from Scientific Research

Recent experiments on water crystals remarkably show live characteristics in them. In fact the study of water crystals is not new. The word kryos means extremely cold and possibly  derived  from lacy  crystalline  structure  of ice  or  snow as shown in fig.no. 1.2.

http://www.herenow4u.net/fileadmin/v3media/pics/persons/Samani_Chaitya_Pragya/Water_2.jpg Fig. No. 1.2  Crystalline Structure Of  Water [24]  

But the recent studies have drastic change in the view of studying these crystals. It was first studied out of curiosity, then was not limited to only ice crystals but extended itself to all the crystalline substances.[25] The image below shows a frozen crystal of pure water-a bright, radiant hexagon. But in response to human thought and emotion, water crystals can take many forms. One of the characteristics of life is response to the stimuli which is proved by scientific study of water crystals. Since a picture is worth much more than any number of words, there are some pictures that shows the simplest and most convincing pictures that we could find, demonstrating how our thoughts, words, and feelings affect so-called physical objects, right down to the molecular level.

The pictures below represent the brilliant work of Japan's Masaru. Masaru Emoto[26] has been conducting worldwide research on the effect of ideas, words, and music upon the molecules of water, and the descriptions below are taken from the book of his published results. Of course this kind of photography of crystalline water is not new it existed in terms of crystallography. Niels Stensen began his investigations out of curiosity 300 years ago. What is new is the proof of consciousness based on the changes in their crystalline formations as in the photo on the left is of a frozen water sample from the lake at Fujiwara Dam, in Japan. As it is observed in fig no.  1.3, the water's structure is dark and amorphous, with no crystalline formations.

http://www.herenow4u.net/fileadmin/v3media/pics/persons/Samani_Chaitya_Pragya/Water_3.jpg Fig No.  1.3  Water Structure- Dark and Amorphous, with No Crystalline Formations

After the above water sample had been taken, the Reverend Kato Hoki, chief priest of the Jyuhouin Temple, made a one-hour prayer practice beside the dam.

http://www.herenow4u.net/fileadmin/v3media/pics/persons/Samani_Chaitya_Pragya/Water_4.jpg http://www.herenow4u.net/fileadmin/v3media/pics/persons/Samani_Chaitya_Pragya/Water_5.jpg Fig. No.  1.4 Water's Structure after the Prayer Treatment

After that, new water samples were taken, frozen and photographed. As it is observed in fig.  1.4, the change is stunning--the ugly blob of the former sample has become a clear, bright-white hexagonal crystal-within-a-crystal.[27] The fig. 4 shows here, also of water taken from Fujiwara Dam after the prayer treatment, reveals a shape that had never, prior to that time, been seen by Masaru Emoto in his over 10,000 water-sample experiments. As it is observed, it is a heptagon, or 7-sided crystal. A number of such examples have given by the above scientist which demonstrates the remarkable changes in the crystalline forms of water. These rapid and grave changes are good proofs for water being a conscious entity. The study of water crystals is quite interesting to many scientists today as can be observed in one of the articles published in Span.[28] There are high hopes for the life to be proved in them.

 1.2. VI. F. Neurological characteristics

Research has shown that water is a liquid crystal with a pliable lattice matrix that is capable of adopting many structural forms. The structure of water gives it an infinite capacity to store information within its matrix.

A growing body of recent scientific evidence is now confirming traditional intuitive understandings of water's role as mediator between the energetic and material worlds and its function as an accumulator, transmitter and transducer of energy patterns and information. Much evidence points to water's ability to effectively memorize, energy patterns with which it comes in contact and retains the energetic memory of vibrational frequencies for extended periods of time. Homeopathic medicine for example, is based on water's capacity to store within its structural matrix the energetic imprint or vibrational signature of physical substances. A particularly striking example of water's "Memory Of Energetic Information' are the sources of water found throughout Europe at Marian sanctuaries, sites traditionally recognized as sacred, where apparitions of the Virgin Mary have been reported and numerous healings have taken place. These sites include Lourdes in France, Medjugorje in Croatia, Fatima in Portugal, and Montichiari and San Damiano in Italy.[29]

Generally it is agreed that there are five cognitive senses: eyes, nose, ears, skin and tongue. However, the scientists have newly begun admitting a sixth cognitive sense also. This is termed as extra-sensory perception (ESP) or super- sensual mind, many scientists admit that the nature has gifted this sense first to all new and their ancestor and many sub-humans (animals and birds) even before the gift of five cognitive senses. The instinct of inherence is present in all the beings -earth, water, fire, air, plants and moble beings. This has been experimentally proved by Masaru Emoto in water bodied beings that before earthquake, no crystals were formed, as if the water were predicting the earthquake. As time passed after the earthquake, the ability of water to form crystal returned as indicated in the fig  1.3[30] Thus from the view point of science it exhibit living characteristics.

Thus the present research proves water as a living entity from various points of points of view including logical arguments  and scriptural evidences including Physiological characteristics, containing respiration, food, ingestion, metabolism etc., psychological emotions such as grief, fear and sex etc, Neurological characteristics such as sensory knowledge and verbal knowledge-information processing, Morphological characteristics including their body size and shapes, Gerentological characteristics explaining ageing, lifespan and death and proves water H2O as single molecular living entity.

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