Gerusoppa Chaturmukha Basadi

Posted: 26.06.2013


Chaturmukh Basadi, Chaturmukha Basadi, Gerusoppe Chaturmukha Basadi

Chaturmukha Basadi - Gerusoppe
A view of Chaturmukha Basadi - Gerusoppe

About Gerusoppe:

Gerusoppe/Gerusoppa is a popular Jain Heritage Centre that flourished as a chief Jain centre during ­ the period from 13th-16th century. It was also called by the names Kshemapura/Kshemapura Tirtha/Kshemavenapura/Ballatakipura in the history. It was the capital of the Saluva Kings for a considerable period. The period of Rani Chennbyradevi (1554-1602 A.D.) is considered to be the golden period in the history of Gerusoppe.

Historical references state that there existed 108 Jain temples at Gerusoppe spread over a vast area of around 700 acres. However, to its dismay Gerusoppe is in its ruins now to find only five Jain temples, namely -

  • Chaturmukha basadi,
  • Sri Parshwanath basadi,
  • Sri Parshwanath temple,
  • Sri Mahavir temple &
  • Sri Neminath temple.

Chaturmukha Basadi that exists even now is one of the best temples that stand as a testimony to the art & architecture of ancient times.

Sri Parshwanath temple that houses the Goddess Jwalamalini idol is the only temple where regular pooja is performed.

The idol of Lord Neminath at Neminath Temple is very magnanamous & famous for the attractive carvings around the idol.

Historically, Gerusoppe is the original seat of Goddess Jwalamalini the chief Goddess of Narasimharajapura. Owing to its vast unexplored heritage & ruins, Gerusoppe is sometimes called as ‘Harappa of the Jains’.


It is situated at a distance of 123 Kms from its district centre Karwar, 34 Kms from Honnavar the nearest taluk centre & 35 Kms from the world famous Jog Falls. The nearest railway station is Talaguppa at a distance of 45 Kms.

Boarding & Lodging Facilities:

On advanced/prior communication lodging & boarding facilities will be provided to pilgrims & devotees visiting the temple.


Source: Jain Heritage Centres


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