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Posted: 05.03.2013

On the occasion of "Maryada Mahotsava-2010', Acharya Shri Mahapragya had a long stay at Sridungargarh. Programme of the Maryada concluded blissfully and with dignity on February 07,2010 (the day one of Phalgun Krishna). As usual, after having my breakfast, I was in auspicious presence of Acharya Shri. A lot of Samanis were already present. With great compassion, his holiness Acharya Pravar advised "today you have to start writing a new book'.

With a lot of excitement and anxiety, I asked "On which topic'.

He mentioned, 'Philosophical Approach to Prekshadhyan'. So far a number of books have been published on Prekshadhyan, however, the Philosophical approach to Prekshadhyan has not been clearly explained. I would like to write about the same. We need to reorganize the technique of Prekshadhyan as well.

Pointing to the cause, he mentioned that during initial days of Prekshadhyan, it was me who usually was giving practice but now a days it is mainly taken care by Muni Shri Kishan Lai and Muni Mahendra Kumar ji. At the same time, camps are organized by trainers also at different locations. There is no uniformity as they have started using their own modified versions. Hence, there is a need to review and streamline the same.

I queried 'When are we going to start writing?' He mentioned "Right now'

Filled with gratitude, I immediately got ready to write. Acharya Shri just closed his eyes and after deep consentration mentioned the title of the book as "Prekshadhyan Darshan & Prayog". Without any more formality the writing session commenced.

Whatever it was, I felt something new with respect to this book. I realized the feeling of eagerness Acharya Shri had to write this book

Although morning hours were dedicated to writing this book, even some of the programmes schedule for afternoons were deferred and priority was given to complete this work. Without much of delay, with a pace and progress of this work, we were on the ultimate day i.e. May 09,2010.

Immediately following breakfast, when we assembled, Acharya Shri mentioned, 'Being Sunday', there is no canonical work and hence let us complete your writing work first. Those days, Acharya Shri was getting the Practical Aspects of Prekshadhyan reviewed. Advising a lot of improvements, he emphasized the need for rewriting the chapter on Leshyadhyan. He narrated a complete technique on Leshyadhyan and advised me to write remaining part of the technique on my own. I gratefully acknowledged the advise and was about to get up. I do not know why Gurudev mentioned that we have more or less reviewed the Techniques of Prekshadhyan. I have dictated almost complete book. Only one chapter of contemplation is pending. I never ever dreamt that the end of this conversation was going to be the last forever. But it was destined.

Acharya Mahapragya, the great yogi was an ocean of knowledge. Time and again I got the chance to keep on collecting his teachings. I consider this as a fruition of my good deeds during previous birth.

Sadhvi Vishrut Vibha
August 03,2011

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Title: Techniques of Prekshadhyan

Publisher: Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun

Edition: 2011

ISBN: 81-7195-191-0

HN4U Online Edition:2013