Posted: 20.07.2005
Updated on: 29.08.2012


Samanic , Sramana Dharma, Sramana Tradition, Sramanic, Śrāmaṇa

Sramana is derived from

  • Sanskrit "Srama"
    to exert, effort, labor or to perform austerity.

It is mixed in with the meaning

  • Pakrit "Sama"
    equal, evenly distributed, to emancipate from karma.

Its Sanskrit form sramana has three meanings:

  1. One who exerts himself or has diligence (Srama).
  2. One who is calm and maintains equanimity (Sama). [inside]
  3. One who treats every one equally (Sama). [outside]

Sramana Dharma is the predecessor of the Jain Dharma. Same tradition, based on

  • exertion
  • equanimity
  • equality



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